03 Oct 2023

Author: Snega S S

Beauty, Skin & Hair Care

What is Skin Cycling? 

Skin cycling is a skincare pattern, with the switching of the products on a set pattern. This technique became the talk after being introduced by dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe. The skin cycling routine sets a schedule for exfoliating, using retinoids, and giving the skin a…

Best foods for breastfeeding mothers
Food, Motherhood

Best Foods For Breastfeeding Mothers 

When a woman starts bearing a child in her womb, the body will prepare itself for accommodation inside out. The mother will be the food source for the child, so it is essential to concentrate on the diet. If you are wondering what foods produce…

A dad holding his daughter in hip
Motherhood, Parenting

The Struggles Of A Stay-At-Home Dad 

Raising a child calls for the involvement of both parents, with each of them partaking and splitting the responsibilities. The lives of women have revolved around domestic activities for a long time. The modified societal structure allows women to pursue what they desire, with men…

Email Mistakes
Career & Money, Work

Common Email mistakes to avoid 

Email is a vital communication tool in the modern world, yet despite its widespread use, many people still make frequent errors while writing emails. In this blog, we’ll be addressing typical email mistakes and discussing ways of avoiding common email mistakes and navigating common email…


Innovative Ways To Use An Umbrella 

Umbrellas have been around for centuries, serving as a practical tool to protect people from rain, sun, and other elements. Over the years, people have come up with creative and innovative ways to use umbrellas, making them more than just functional objects. Here are some…