29 Oct 2020

Author: Sheetal


Inspiring women to look up to! 

Hima Das She is just 18! Her success story is remarkable and inspiring. Hima has gone a long way, from an unknown sprinter from a small town in Assam to a national sensation with multiple international awards and the prestigious Arjuna award. Carrying the hope…

Style N Fashion

5 Eyeglass styles to try this new season 

Spectacles always draw attention to your face than anything else. So choosing eyewear that suits your face structure and features is very vital. The style or design of the frame of your eyewear can transform your look completely and accentuate your facial features. If you…

Menstrual hygiene- Tampons? Menstrual cups? Sanitary pads? 

Menstruation or say periods! These words are enough to put women in distress. Though it’s a part of biological processes, women don’t feel comfortable during their periods due to the physical and mental swings(please reword) they face in that period. The next reason would be…