20 Feb 2020

Author: Rasha Ashraf

The Top 6 No-Makeup looks

The Top 6 No-Makeup looks 

It is an art to apply makeup and still look naturally beautiful. To the get the natural look actually takes a little makeup. Here are a few natural looks you can achieve using minimal makeup. 1. Fluttering eyelashes Apply gel liner on the upper eye…

8 Steps to a gold foil manicure

8 Steps to a Gold Foil Manicure 

How often have we got luxury gold foil manicures at the beauty salon? Not too often I assume due to the cost of the procedure. But don’t worry you can get the same look at home by replicating the manicure all by yourself. Step 1:…

7 Steps to get rid of ants
Home & Kitchen

7 Steps to Get Rid of Ants 

When ants start invading our kitchen and the rest of the areas of our house, it becomes a nightmare. We find them in our sugar jars and even in packets of nuts. The invasion of bugs and insects increases in every household when it becomes…