18 Sep 2019

Author: Rasha Ashraf

Wax or thread?

Wax or Thread? 

All women suffer from facial hair. Some not so much as other though. Most women who suffer from excessive facial hair find it embarrassing and are very conscious of their faces in public. They develop silly habits of touching their face to check whether their…

9 Toys Every Toddler Must Own

9 Toys Every Toddler Must Own 

There are lots of toys available in the market. Most of the modern toys involve a lot of sound and entertainment but offer nothing in terms of creativity and brain development.Remember to buy toys that will stimulate your child’s brain along with having lots of…

Top pregnancy myths

Top Pregnancy Myths 

The advancement in science and technology and has done nothing to make old wives’ tales disappear. Sure you get a lot of advice, especially from old grannies. It’s important not to believe everything that you hear. Here are some common myths that are still doing…

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