03 Oct 2022

Author: Nancy

Tips and exercises to get lean and hot legs
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14 Foods That Make You Look Older 

While there are a range of foods that will make one cut years off the look, there exist many, on consumption of which one might feel older. Instead of opting for anti-ageing products, one can actually stop the consumption of such foods that make you…

Take Care this Winter

Take care this Winter 

Winter seems to be a favorite season for many people. The sunny mornings, piping hot food and many other activities top the things to do list in this wonderful season. However, one thing that loses the luster in this cold season is skin. The care…

Alternatives To Flip-flops
Beauty, Clothes & Accessories

Alternatives To Flip-Flops 

A flip-flop is a lightweight sandal usually made of rubber or plastic which makes a fluttering sound or motion while walking. Flip-flops are very comfortable to wear and can be easily slipped on and off. They can be worn throughout the year, but especially they…

smelling flowers
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Best Smelling Flowers 

It is said by Luther Burbank that flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. Flowers are the most attractive thing created by nature. There are some lovely smelling flowers in the world. Below are…

5 Ways That Love Is Good For Your Health
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5 Ways That Love Is Good For Your Health 

Relationships are an integral part of human life. They bring love in your life. Apart from hectic dates, dinner reservations, inflated gifts there are many more benefits that love brings to you. We all experience the universal emotion called love in some point in our…

Top 10 foods for gorgeous hair and skin
Skin & Hair Care

Top 10 foods for gorgeous hair and skin 

Makeup and skincare products help you get gorgeous hair and skin. But this is certainly makes a big hole to your pocket. Don’t get disappointed. You can still look good. You can get better results naturally. The secret to glowing skin and healthier hair lies…

Style tips for women in 50s
Style N Fashion

Style tips for women in 50s 

You can still look beautiful in your 50s. You may not have a toned body like before; however, just a few style tips can make you look smart. Though you have not gained weight after your 30s, but the clothes which you are using in…

3 Relaxing Spa trends

3 Relaxing Spa Trends 

Do you want to get relaxed?  If your answer to this question is yes, then it’s time to visit a spa. Yes, a Spa is the best place for relaxation. A spa is a place, where spring water is used for medicinal bath or treatment….

The Hair Dye Allergy You Need To Know About
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The Hair Dye Allergy You Need To Know About 

Humans across the globe have an intrinsic desire to look good. The yearning comes from internal mind thrust to make individual’s persona appealing. This trait has resulted in the use of many techniques to beautify one’s face and hair. There are many techniques for enhancing…