9 Tips on storage and preservation of homemade cosmetics

Making beauty products at home is being encouraged due to the absence of any harmful chemicals or toxins. But the problem that we face with homemade cosmetics or beauty products is that they have a very short shelf life. You cannot store them for long.

So here are some tips to make them last longer:

1. Refrigerate

Most beauty products need to be kept in a cool and dry place, where bacteria cannot breed and there is no better place than the refrigerator. Most cosmetics last the longest when kept in the fridge.

2. Smell

You can judge a product by its smell. If you get even a tiny whiff of stale smell or rotting smell from your homemade product, especially those that is applied to the face, it might be good idea to toss them into the trash.

3. Do not store in the bathroom

While keeping our beauty products can be handy, it reduces the shelf life of our homemade beauty products.Bathrooms are often damp and even the temperatures vary due to heat and steam released by hot showers.

These conditions encourage the growth of bacteria that can ruin your homemade products. So keep them away from the bathroom if you want to be able to use them longer.

4. Avoid touching or use clean ones

It is always better to use beauty products using spoons or spatulas made especially for the purpose. Hands may contain germs and other bacteria that may spread to the beauty product and spoil it, thereby reducing its life.

If you do have to use your hands, make sure they are clean and wiped dry so as not to spread unwanted germs or bacteria to the products.

5. Use sterile containers

Before you store the homemade product in the jar or bottle that you have in mind make sure it’s sterilized. You don’t want to put your product in a jar full of fungus or bacteria.

Make sure the jar or bottles are dry and clean before you pop the product in. Glass jars are preferred as they don’t melt like plastics and affect the chemical composition of the natural product.

6. Try to use hands free containers

Hands are the main pollutants of homemade products, so try to find squeeze type of bottles and containers so that the products last longer and are untouched by our hands.

7. Use thick and dark containers

Even sunlight can affect the shelf life of homemade products. So find ones that don’t let the sunlight in.

8. Add Vitamin E

Vitamin E is not a preservative but is an excellent anti-oxidant. So use Vitamin E as an ingredient to increase the products shelf life.

9. Never add water

Never make any homemade beauty product using water. Water encourages the growth of bacteria or fungus.