7 Creative uses of post-it notes

We all have a stash of post-it notes to jot down stuff especially around the telephone or on the refrigerator. Don’t undermine the use of these sticky notes, they come handy in more ways than you can even think of.

Here are some fun and creative uses of these tiny paper bits:

1. Mark cables

Differentiate between different cables by wrapping different colored post-its around them. You can even write on these post-its so that you can be sure which each cable belongs to. It is the perfect solution to tangled wires behind the home theatre system.

2. Color codes for each family member

If you have the habit of leaving notes for the members of your family, then post-it are the way to do them. Keep a different color for each family member so that when they see the color they immediately recognize that the message is meant for them.

3. Chore chart

An interesting use of post-it’s to create a chore chart. Once the chore is done, they are encouraged to pull the post-it off and present it to you as a bill for the service they have rendered to you.

4. Clean the keyboard

You can use the sticky bits of post-it to clean the hard to reach places of the keyboard.

5. Minimize dust while drilling

A surprisingly interesting use of post-it is to stick them folded on the wall while drilling to collect the dust that falls while drilling.

6. Menu planner for the month

If you plan your meals in advance, use these notes to make your life easier. Write the meal plans for each day on post-it.  If you still didn’t still figure out the benefits of writing on post-it, let me tell you that if you suddenly decide to change the meal for the day, you can easily do so by switching the post-its between different days.

7. Scotch tape

If you’re out of scotch tape at home, have no fear post-it’s are here. Use the sticky ends of the post-it’s to stick whatever you wanted to join together.