How Yoga helps to make your breasts firm?

It is natural for breasts to lose firmness due to ageing and hormonal changes. Apart from that, pregnancy and breast feeding brings lot of changes in the body. But it is possible to postpone sagging of breasts by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Certain yoga poses help strengthen chest muscles and bone joints. They help align your body and improve posture. The following yoga poses help you strengthen the thorax region. It helps to develop a better frame for your breasts.

Though there are various yoga postures for good health and disease free body there are few yoga poses actually help to improve posture, revive bone joints and good physic.  Below are the yoga poses which particularly help to maintain firm breasts.

The Warrior Pose-Virabhadrasana

Woman doing Warrior pose

It is one of the standing yoga poses. It helps you extend your Thorax and makes it flexible. It improves the blood circulation and increases lung capacity.

Keep your feet wide apart and parallel to each other

Turn your left foot to the left 90 degrees and your right foot inside

Breathe out and bend your left knee while keeping your right leg erect

Raise your arms and align them with your shoulders

Turn your head left to look at your arms

Do 10 repetitions on each side

The Triangle Pose-Trikonasana

Woman doing Triangle pose

This asana stretches the thorax, vertebral column, knee, hip, thigh, inguinal region, hamstring, calf, ankle, shoulder. It stretches spine and improve blood flow.

Keep your feet shoulder width apart

Turn the left foot 90 degrees and the right foot 15 degrees

Touch your left ankle with your left hand and stretch your right arm upwards

Keep your arms, knees and spine straight

Turn your face up and look at your fingers

Repeat with the other side

The Cobra Pose-Bhujangasana

Woman doing Cobra pose

It stretches your shoulders, thorax, lungs and abdomen. It increases lung volume and improves posture.

Lie on your stomach and inhale deeply

Slowly raise your torso while resting your body on the floor

Raise your head and look up

Slowly breathe out and bring your torso down while looking down

Gradually increase the time you stay in a cobra pose

Gradually increase the repetition of this pose

The Bow Pose- Dhanurasana

Women doing Bow pose

It is called back bending asana. It strengthens the spine. It stretches Thorax, Abdomen, Throat, Front of the body. It improves posture and strengthens chest muscles

Lie on your stomach while breathing out slowly. Bend your knees and raise them behind your back

Bring your feet together to your back bending your knee so that you can hold your ankles with your hands

Slowly breathe out and pull your legs and arms upwards as far as you can

Lift your hips and breasts from the floor

Balance your body on your stomach

Hold this position for 30 seconds

The Wheel Pose-Chakrasana

Woman doing Wheel pose

It’s otherwise called bridge pose. It strengthens Buttocks, Vertebral column, Abdomen, back, Leg, Wrist, Arm. It stretches Thorax, Abdomen, and lungs.

Lie down on your back, place your feet a bit more than shoulder width apart

Bring your feet to touch your buttock while bending your knees

Put your hands behind your head. Palms down on the floor with your fingers pointing your back

Breath out and raise your breasts and hips as high as you can

Straighten your arms to aid your body to stay in that position

Hold it for 30 seconds

The Camel Pose – Ushtrasana

Woman doing Camel pose

It stretches Thorax, Abdomen, Inguinal region, Thigh. It is a chest opener pose. It increases lung volume and strengthens the thorax. Expand and strengthen your shoulders.

Stand on your knees and pull your feet together

Slowly bend backwards and your hands on your heels

Arch your back and stretch your ribs

Pull your head to the floor

Hold this position for 30seconds

Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility of joints and muscles.  It improves muscle tone and strength. Yoga increases blood circulation and in turn helps the body parts get more oxygen.  It will help develop muscles underneath your breasts which will improve their shape while giving firmness naturally!


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