6 Things most of us forget to clean at home

All of us take care to keep our homes neat and clean. We scrub the floors; wipe down cupboard and drawer shelves etc… But there are some things that spots or things that we forget to clean.

The 6 most common things or places we forget to clean include:

  1. Reusable grocery bags-Some grocers pack our goods in reusable cloth bags. Sometimes we fail to notice that dirt or other bacteria tend to find way at the bottom or somewhere around these bags.You can wash them in your washing machine and they will be good to use as before.
  2. Kitchen sponges-We don’t forget to do the dishes, but then we forget that the sponge used to clean the dishes also get dirty after a point of time. Your sponge might be the breeding ground for all that bacteria that it wipes off the dishes.Wash it by pouring hot water on it or you can even use bleaching powder to get it squeaky clean.
  3. Small electronics-In our day to day lives we touch a lot of stuff and as small as they might look they can be some of the dirtiest things in your house.Clean small electronic items in your house that include remotes, cellphones, key boards etc…
  4. Brooms and brushes-Even the devices we use to clean out homes such as brooms, brushes and mops require cleaning. Dirt can get clogged in between their bristles or coat them.Wash them in a solution of soap water and leave to dry.
  5. Gym bag-We always clean out gym clothes but we forget that it’s the gym bag that carries these dirty clothes to and fro from home to the gym. Toss your gym bag in the machine regularly to get the bacteria off it.
  6. Ceiling fans and all things on top-Things that are out of sight always go out of the mind too. You might not think that dust might exist in such places but don’t forget to dust the top of fans, lights, door tops etc…

Don’t forget to clean these things that we often tend to miss out on in our cleaning schedules and make your house truly germ free