Dangerous as it sounds, breast cancer is easy to treat if diagnosed earlier. It’s Pink October, breast cancer awareness month; so let’s TLC (Touch, Look, and Check). You don’t need any special techniques or training to check your breasts. Get to know your breasts normally and see if you can spot anything unusual. Check your whole breast area including upper chest and armpits. If you spot any of the symptoms mentioned below, check with a general physician immediately.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

1. Lump

A lump/ lumps may not be seen but can be felt. If you feel any lump on your breasts don’t try to push them in or rub.

2. Puckered Skin Texture

A change in skin texture is not normal, that too on breasts is something to be taken care of. If you spot any dimples or puckering of skin on the breasts, take immediate action.

3. Changes in nipples

Check for normalcy of your nipples. Do either of your nipples look different like one might become inverted or turn in, the other pointing out normally? You must get expert advice on making it right.

4. Change in shape/ size

Did you notice any unusual change in the size or shape of your breasts? Like one larger than the other or one too lower than the other, if so consult a doctor.

5. Nipple Discharge

If you have felt any unusual discharge from either of your nipples, it’s time for an appointment to find out what is wrong and fix it.

6. Rashes and Colour Change

Normal itching will be because of sweat and the rashes caused will disappear. If your breasts look inflamed or red are sure symptoms to be checked. Spotting such changes in color or noticing any rashes and crusting around your nipple area unusually should require the immediate attention of doctors.

It necessarily doesn’t mean you have breast cancer if you find any of these symptoms. But it’s always good to have it confirmed, rather than be worried. If your doctor thinks you need further assistance and testing, they sure will refer you to experts.