5 Most commonly mistakes made while making soup

As simple as soup sounds to be made, it can get quiet tricky. It just doesn’t involve you dumping a lot of vegetables in a pot. The temperature, the seasoning, the order in which the ingredients are added etc… all make a difference to the end product.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that most people make when making something as simple as soup:

  1. Over cooking the vegetables-Add the vegetables to the soup in the order of the time they take to cook. Don’t just toss in all the vegetables at the same time. For example since beans take longer to cook toss them in first and then you can move on to adding carrots later.
  2. Simmer and not boil-Boiling ruins the flavor of the soup. Instead choose to simmer the soup on a low flame so that the vegetables don’t dry out and lose their flavor.
  3. Not getting the seasoning right-Salt, pepper and other herbs are essential to take the soup to another level. Don’t act stingy while adding the salt and other seasoning. You do want the soup to taste good after all.You can only get it right by tasting as you cook.
  4. Adding tomatoes before the vegetables, pulses or beans cook-The acidity of tomatoes prevents the vegetables from cooking. So add them near the end after all the remaining ingredients have been cooked.
  5. Not using a pressure cooker-A pressure cooker helps you in making your soup faster than you can even imagine. Don’t be scared. As long as you follow all the safety instructions you’ll be fine. You will never stop using one once you’ve had a go at it.

So the next time you’re making soup try to avoid these commonly made mistakes.