While thinking about Coconut oil, the first and last thing coming to your mind is greasing it in face, hand and hair. Frankly speaking, there raise countless experts for this natural beauty stuff devoting not just for their oil massager but also this oil is chosen for good reason. Acting as natural antibacterial and antifungal, this oil is known to be an excellent skin moisturizer and hair conditioner. According to me, coconut oil is the first recommended supplement for women to lead a healthy life. Here are few amazing ways of this versatile n’ powerful supplement that improves women health.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil

1. Being the richest source on earth, coconut oil helps in boosting body metabolism and enables weight loss.

weight loss

2. Using the cold compressed oil in cooking helps in lowering the blood sugar level.

3. Researchers have proven that coconut oil helps in preventing Candida problems.

4. A bone disease called osteoporosis caused by pregnancy, aging, calcium deficiency and family heritage can be prevented by this amazing oil.

5. Adding virgin or compressed coconut oil to your diet will relieve digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and constipation.

6. Stay young and beautiful applying oil nighttime and protect your skin from Sun radiations.

7. There’s no doubt that coconut oil is great for hair and helps reduce dandruff and hair splits by providing protein to hair n’ strengthen them.

reduce dandruff and hair splits

8. Mainly this wonderful supplement acts a powerful natural antibiotic providing relief from insect bites and stings. This also relieves skin irritation and eczema problems.

9. Consumption of coconut oil can improve breast milk in moms by boosting lips and fat contents.

10. Studies have proven that massaging your newborns with this coconut mineral oil will promote normal weight gain and growth.

massaging your newborns with this coconut oil

Make sure you have this powerful supplement at your home. Hope you like this Article!